Changes to the POA Board

Recently, two members of the POA Board resigned. Our Bylaws provide a procedure for such an event. Article VIII, Section 2 indicates remaining board members shall appoint directors to fill the remainder of the term of a vacancy.

This past election cycle, five candidates ran for the five open positions. Therefore, we didn’t have a “pool” of individuals who were interested in serving, but might not have had the vote count to be seated in our 2018 election, to include in our considerations.

Our board felt pressing concerns, such as Highway 41 expansion, required we identify and seat qualified candidates as quickly and thoughtfully as possible. In conversations with potential candidates, an issue of the two-year versus one-year terms of vacancies surfaced. As a result, we first appointed Scott Peace to fill the remainder of the open two-year position, and then filled the two one-year terms.

We welcome Russ Smith and Derek Miranda to the Dunes West POA Board of Directors. Russ currently chairs our ARB and has extensive knowledge of our covenants, bylaws, and standards. He’d been recommended as a potential board member on previous occasions. Additionally, Russ has performed considerable behind the scenes research on the NEPA process and other aspects of Highway 41. Derek’s ties to our community go back over a decade. He actively engaged in events, such as our 2018 candidate forum, and previously offered assistance to the board relating to his technology expertise. Derek has also been working on our community response to Highway 41 expansion.

With these transitions, our board now reflects the following composition: Dr. Kathryn Bingham, President (2 year); Richard Slack, Treasurer (3 year); Scott Peace, Secretary (2 year); Derek Miranda, Vice President (1 year); and Russ Smith, at large Director (1 year).