12/16/2020 Guard House Construction Update

In the recent From the Board communication as well as the information provided at the Annual Meeting we had hoped to go live at the new privacy gate by mid-December. As all can see we have now passed that target but remain committed to bringing this project to a close as soon as possible but with the expectation that it would be a smooth transition with minimal if any interruptions when it does begin operation. We have faced many challenges on this project, which I will document in a post audit of the project, but the current issues are satisfying the numerous requirements set out by the town to secure the final CO for the building and the surrounding area. Many of the requirements, and the town’s processes, have frankly come as a surprise to the project team based on their past experiences. We are using the same gate software provider but with new gates, cameras, barcode readers and some new software features which need to be fully tested to achieve this smooth transition. At this time it is difficult to predict the actual go live date as we are rapidly approaching Christmas which is also a major consideration for the team as to the timing. We will attempt to give the community at least one day’s notice before going live at the new gate.

In closing, the entire project team would greatly appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a slow speed as you pass by the work area (both entering and exiting) as many times in the past months it has presented major concerns for the safety of the all involved that are exposed as they complete their work.

Richard Slack

Project Steward for the DWPOA BOD