HWY 41 Alternative Update #3

Dunes West Residents, 

There are several recent developments that we would like to briefly share with you. First, and perhaps most important, the Board received confirmation from Charleston County Councilman Herb Sass and the design team that this process is slowing down. Though they did not commit to a specific date, they will not be voting on this matter in the next few weeks. 

This past Tuesday both the Mount Pleasant Town Council and the Charleston County Council conducted meetings. At both of these meetings, Dunes West had representatives in attendance that conveyed the concerns of our community directly to the council members. These comments were very well received. You can view these meetings online at the links below and we strongly encourage residents to take the time to watch these meetings: 

Town of Mount Pleasant Meeting: 

County Council Meeting: 

On Wednesday, the Dunes West Board of Directors met with HDR, the County’s design/engineering team, Rhett Reidenbach, Cal Oyer and Councilman Herb Sass. During this meeting, we expressed all of our concerns and passed along the concerns many of you emailed to the Board. Here are the key takeaways from that meeting. 

1) The County is giving the design team the necessary time to allow for additional study of this alternative. However, they could not commit to a specific timeframe. The County stated that this meeting was the beginning of dialog with Dunes West on the way forward, not the end of it.  There will be more dialog and collection of feedback.

2) This alternative will be opened up for 30 days of public commentary.

3) The County cannot develop Dunes West Blvd without an encroachment permit issued by the Town of Mount Pleasant. The Town will play an important role in shaping the possibility of this alternative.  

4) The comprehensive data analysis and traffic modeling of this new alternative has been completed but not released publicly. We requested that they do so as soon as possible and a minimum of 30 days before any vote takes place. 

5) While it has been characterized as a modified Alternative 1, the design team conceded that it is more closely related to Alternative 7a, an Alternative that has been disregarded, and acknowledged that it is now most commonly known as 7B. 

6) It was recognized that Alternative 1 is still the better alternative for most of the NEPA categories, however, they all but guaranteed that the Army Corp. of Engineers would not approve Alternative 1 because of the outpouring of public comments opposed to it and that they now feel they cannot support more than 3 lanes safety through the Phillips Community in the existing right of way.

Another notable piece of information the Board has become aware of is that Mayor Will Haynie has appointed someone who does not live in our area to meet with a representative from County Council to devise an alternative plan. That plan is the one we have now all heard about. 

We strongly encourage all residents to continue to reach out via the official Highway 41 project email address to express your opinions about this new alternative. The email address is: HWY41SC@GMAIL.com. Additionally, contact your local representatives: 

Town of Mt. Pleasant:
Council Email Address: councilclk@tompsc.com
Mayor Will Haynie (843) 884-8517 – Transportation Committee Chair
Howard R. Chapman, P.E. (843) 884-8517 – Transportation Committee Member
Brenda Corley  (843) 884-8517  – Transportation Committee Member
Laura Hyatt  (843) 884-8517
Kathy Landing (843) 884-8517 – Transportation Committee Member – Dunes West Resident
Tom O’Rourke  (843) 884-8517
Jake Rambo (843) 884-8517
Gary Santos  (843) 884-8517
Guang Ming Whitley (843) 884-8517

Charleston County Council: 
Herbert Ravenel Sass, III (843) 693-8305 (C) | hsass@charlestoncounty.org
Dickie Schweers (843) 513-9229 (C) | dickieschweers@tds.net
Robert L. Wehrman (843) 958-4030 (O) | rlwehrman@charlestoncounty.org
Henry E. Darby (843) 901-6793 (C) | henrydarby@msn.com
Teddie E. Pryor, Sr. (843)958-4030 (O) | tpryor@charlestoncounty.org
Kylon Jerome Middleton (843) 325-4577 (C) | kmiddleton@charlestoncounty.org
C. Brantley Moody (843) 270-2483 (C) | bmoody@charlestoncounty.org
Anna B. Johnson (843)795-3970 | ajohnson@charlestoncounty.org
Jenny Costa Honeycutt (843) 693-6447 | jhoneycutt@charlestoncounty.org

The Dunes West Board of Directors continues to monitor this situation and dialog with our elected officials, neighboring communities and other stakeholders is ongoing. We would like to thank all of the residents who participated in person at the Town and County meetings and those whom have sent countless emails to the Board and our elected officials.  

Dunes West Board of Directors