Front Gate Relocation Project

Current Status:

Construction In progress; the widening of Wando Plantation Way has begun and the construction of the new Guard House has begun. Please use caution when traveling through the construction zone.

Anticipated Completion Date:  July 2020

Estimated & Budgeted Cost: $700,000


There is a multitude of factors that drove the decision to relocate the gate at the Dunes West Boulevard entrance, commonly referred to as “the front gate.” 

The current guard house structure is in dire need of repair. After a careful analysis, it was determined that there was no viable way to repair the structure while keeping the front gate in operation: 

  • Contractors working on the structure while vehicles are entering and exiting the gates is a safety and liability concern
  • Electricity would need to be turned off rendering the equipment inoperable
  • Guards working in a construction zone is a safety and liability concern

Similarly, closing the front gate during construction and routing all traffic through the Dunes West Highway 41 entrance, commonly referred to as “the back gate”, was not a viable alternative as the back gate is currently over capacity on any given date.

After careful consideration, it was determined that the current guard house would be considered beyond repair and its useful life. All assets in Dunes West have a prescribed useful life as dictated by the annual Reserve Study and each asset is assigned a replacement cost. The replacement of the guard house is part of a long term plan. (If you have questions about the annual Reserve Study, please see the financials section of the Resident FAQs or search the Documents section for “Reserve Study”)

The Dunes West Highway 41 entrance is not sufficiently capable of handling surge/peak traffic throughout the week. Road widening will occur at the back gate in 2021 to resolve this problem, but due to the unique characteristics of the back gate, the back gate will need to be removed from service for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, all traffic will be routed through the front gate. As it is equipped today, the front gate is not capable of serving this increased capacity and will cause significant traffic and safety issues as vehicles back up onto Dunes West Boulevard. In order to safely and efficiently remove the back gate from service temporarily next year, the front gate must have adequate stacking capacity. 

The Board recognizes that it is only a matter of time before the Town of Mt. Pleasant widens Dunes West Boulevard to four lanes. Should this occur while the current guard house is still in operation, the limited stacking capacity the current guard house provides would be virtually eliminated. For this reason, the new guard house will be located 450 feet further onto the property. This guarantees the safe operation of our gate systems with ample stacking capacity regardless of any road projects that may occur outside of the control of the DWPOA.

Bidding Process: 

As is the case with all major projects or contracts, the Dunes West Board of Directors and Management staff prepared an RFP and solicited multiple bid requests. The Board evaluated three submitted bids ranging in estimated costs of $700,000 to over $1,300,000. After an evaluation, interview and discussion period, it was determined that Eadies would be the chosen contractor. Considerations included:

  • Overall Cost
  • Previous work with the DWPOA
  • Schedule flexibility

Gate Hardware:

The Board considered two companies for the supply of the necessary gate hardware and systems. One company was eliminated based upon reputation and feedback from others. The remaining vendor went through an interview and discussion period, at the end of which it was determined that TEMS would be the chosen contractor. Considerations included:

  • Overall Cost
  • Previous work with the DWPOA
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Local proximity for rapid service
  • Licensed dealer for the brand of hardware we preferred.

Existing Guardhouse:

The existing guard house structure will remain as an aesthetic entrance feature to Dunes West. The gate hardware will be removed and the structure exterior will be reconditioned.

Environmental Impact:

Every effort was made to minimize the number to trees that had to be removed to accomplish the project and that removal has been completed. The effects of which will be mitigated by new additional landscaping in and around the new guard house area.

Questions & Suggestions:

As always, the board is open to questions and suggestions on this project. Feel free to email the board at